Paul Forgét

Birthday: November 7
Parish: Holy Trinity - Lenexa

High School:

Mount St. Michael, Omaha


Conception Seminary College


Conception Seminary College

Year in Seminary:

4th Year College

Favorite Saint:

Probably between Saint John Vianney and Saint Faustina. 


My advice to men considering the priesthood: 

In the words of Pope John Paul the Great, “Be not afraid!” I recommend consecrating yourself to Mary and praying to Her daily. Also, visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament often. He wants to be your best friend, and He will help you to understand His mission for you.


Why I want to be a Priest:

I want to be a priest in order to become intimately united with Christ to offer myself through Him as a living sacrifice to the Father for the salvation of souls. There is no way I could do more good in the world in any other profession.


Hobbies & Interests:  Basketball, apologetics, philosophy, theology, Mary, and traveling.


Influence:  Many people have been very generous to me throughout my life. They encouraged me in different ways to serve God. Among the most influential are a my family, my aunt, a high school teacher, a high school priest, and a religious community. 




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