GIVING HOPE... that will not disappoint
Please respond with a generous heart.
- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Ways to Give


The Calling to Give and Types of Giving

Since God's first covenant with his people, the faithful have brought their gifts to God's altar and offered them with love and gratitude, to promote his work here on earth.  This is the essence of stewardship, and we are called to be generous stewards of the gifts God has bestowed on us.

Today, there are numerous ways that Catholics can support the work of the Church and fulfill God's call to be good stewards of his abundant gifts.  The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas gratefully acknowledges and thanks all who share their financial blessings, and offers on the links to the left opportunities within the archdiocese.

Types of giving

Please click on the links below to find out the various ways your gift can make a difference.

Annual Gift
Planned Gift
Stock Gift